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Ohio Log Homes

When looking at log homes for either residential or commercial use, there may be many questions that you may be asking in regards to the building of any type of log cabin or home. Things like “Can I design my own log cabin?” to “How can I find a building company to build me a log home?” These questions and more can be answered in this particular article. There are many things to ask about such as design and decorating, to wood stain and restoration. Let’s start with the design of a log home first.

There are many different building companies that have design consultants that are available to help you to design your very own log cabin home. Each one of these building companies has a designer on staff that will help you to determine square footage, how many levels you want, interior decorating, colors and stains that will accent the house and what wood you may want as far as the construction of the log home in question goes. The consultant will be able to answer all of your questions in regards to the building and construction of the log home in question.

Let’s go back to the wood selection for a moment. Depending upon where you are, there will be several different types of wood and wood veneer for your log home. The following are woods that can be used in the building of log homes: yellow pine, white cedar, white pine, oak, and Douglas fir. The wood veneers that can be available include the following: Red Oak, Michigan Maple and Cherry. These are just some of the veneers and woods available for building a log home in any area of the world. Bear in mind that some of these woods and veneers may not be available in your area.

Now when you are looking at interior design and outdoor design, here are several things to remember when looking at a design context for a log home. There are many design choices in a log home. These include exterior and interior colors such as accent colors, wood stain, floor plans, materials for floors and room construction just to name a few of the design areas that should be talked about when designing a log home for either personal or commercial usage. There are several design differences between a commercial property and a home for personal usage.

When designing for commercial property, the floor plan, amenities, levels and other design areas will be different than a residential log cabin home. However, the same things such as log home refinishing, restoration and other services will remain the same, no matter if it is commercial or residential property. The homes will still have to have certain things that a consultant will tell you about, such as weather proofing, restoration, and refinishing. Each one of these services will be the same regardless of if it is a commercial property or a residential one.

Now when talking about the services that are needed with a log home, we cannot fail to mention the services that are needed to preserve a log home. Sealant for the home, weather protection, and restoration services are all needed. Cleaning services are also needed every two years or as per manufacturer’s instructions. In the sunlight, a log home can discolor, be invaded by wood bugs and the finish can bubble and mar. That is why preservation services and cleaning services are needed to keep the home in tip top condition. Each of these services is necessary for the home to remain looking like new.

There are also several companies that sell all the equipment and supplies that would be needed to preserve and color your log home. They sell everything from accent and wood color, to sealant, weatherproofing, paint to chinking mix. They have everything that someone would need in order to begin treating a log home in order to preserve it. They also know of contractor and consultant types that would be able to do this type of work without the home owner having to do this type of work. So they serve a twofold purpose in both selling and doing the services that are necessary for a log home to function properly.

So you can see that there is a lot to know when dealing with log cabin homes. Everything from services and design to decorating and restoring, there is a lot to know when looking to build or buy a log home. Each one has their place in the tree of work that is related to the log cabin homes. Many builders have this type of information as do consultants, contractors and other people that will be involved in the building of a log cabin home for you. So in this article, I have given you some information that will be useful when looking at either building your own log cabin home or buying one that needs to be restored. I also have this information available at my office. I am available by both phone and email for consultations on new and used log cabin homes.


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